The «AnPer» brand has a special style from aesthetics and elegance to avant-garde combination of incongruous, complemented by embroidery and accessories that betrays the elegance and individuality of the costume
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Anton Permyakov is the founder of his own fashion brand «AnPer»® (2016) and the design studio «Thread of Ariadne» (2013), a Russian fashion designer, designer of computer embroidery, a collector, a participant in Russian and international fashion shows, winner of many awards of fashion industry, including the State Prize of the Government of St. Petersburg «The Best in Profession» in the nomination «Best Designer, Design Artist». Member of the International Association of Designers (2017), Russian Geological Society (2017), Russia Designers Association (2016), Designers Union of Moscow (2016), Designers Union of St. Petersburg (2016).

In addition Anton Permyakov takes a part in public life, provides support for fashion competitions for young designers and participates in the work of a competent jury.

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