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Saint-Petersburg, Polozova 3
The SAINT JUNGLE brand is a mix of conceptual minimalism and key modern trends. Our philosophy is to design clothes that will delight for a long time both with their quality and relevance in the world of changing trends
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We stand for quality - in an impeccable cut and perfect lines.
We stand for the natural world - in natural shades and materials.
We are for environmental friendliness - small batches, waste-free production, and rejection of plastic.
We are for versatility - in a laconic design suitable for different occasions, from jogging to a gala dinner.

We are inspired by the unique beauty of nature, the fusion of cultures, architecture, art, and cinema - all new ideas are reflected in our collections.

In our studio, we develop collections of clothes and accessories and produce mini-capsules between the seasons. For collections, we use natural fabrics, yarn, leather, and accessories of premium quality, which we order at the factories in Italy and Germany. All production takes place at four small family factories in St. Petersburg.

Our goal for 2020 is to become a fully zero-waste brand.
From the first day of the foundation, we have been producing models in a limited edition. We are buying natural European fabrics from factory leftovers and using the rest of cuts in other projects - we transfer them to tailoring soft toys. By the end of the year, we plan to completely abandon plastic, as well as save electricity and water with the help of modern technologies. The factories we partner with fully share our goals.



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