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«ELENA TKACHENKO» Fashion House – Art in the space of fashion
Directory of fashion designers
«ELENA TKACHENKO» Fashion House was founded in 2013 by the creative union of an artist Elena Tkachenko and an art historian Galina Domakha. Bold experiments with various textile materials and technicians of the famous Petersburg artist Elena Tkachenko are the basis of the Fashion House. The works of the master are a synthesis of contemporary art, painting, textiles and fashion. «ELENA TKACHENKO» Fashion House produces limited collections of clothing, designer accessories made in a single copy. Fashion House is a modern project that develops fabrics for each of its collections in different techniques from printing on silk to hand weaving, embroidery, painting and processing innovative materials, which makes it unique. The bright artistic image of each collection, based on new man-made fabrics and drawings, makes the collections of the one-of-a-kind Fashion House not similar to each other. In the history of the Fashion House there are projects with the State Hermitage Museum, the State Russian Museum as well as more than 30 solo exhibitions and fashion shows in Russia and abroad: Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture (France, 2019), Paris Fashion Week (France, 2018), exhibition at the «Salone del Mobile» (Italy, 2018), fashion show at the «Days of St. Petersburg in Paris» (France, 2018), Aurora Fashion Week ( Russia, 2013), Moscow Fashion Week and others.


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